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The Lady Behind The Lens

Hello there!


I’m glad you found me! This site is to get to know me a little more, how I do everything, to show my packages, to show some my work, and to let you know some helpful hints to create a great session with me.  

Weeping Willow Photography is an Orgainic themed Studio with a Whimcical touch. We offer very unique products unlike any photographer around us like wood and metal prints. One of our favorite products are our wooden thumb drives. This Product serves several different purposes. One, offiously it stores your images. But two, it act as a piece of art. It comes with an 4x6 wooden box that has an image displayed on it where you can display it in your home or office. Coming soon, we also will be offering photography classes, fine art pieces, and a service to help display products in your mome or office. 

When we deliver your package to you, we’ll also give you five referral cards to hand out. Each referral we recieve, we’ll give you something special on your next session. The referral will also recieve something special on their next session too. Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions or would like to book a session. 


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