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When should we book our family session:

I sometime book out weeks or even months out. You should book your family session enough ahead to plan out all the details.


Where are family sessions located:

Family sessions are unique and amazing because the location helps us tell your story! Really, your family session could be anywhere. If you live in South Bend, your session location will be within 20 minutes of town. However, if you live elsewhere and are interested in booking a session with us, simply contact us and we will choose an amazing location to tell your story. If you are wanting studio photos, we can also get photos at my studio.


In hiring us your session will be unique. The perk of hiring an experienced professional photographer is the opportunity to shoot in locations not open to the public and not shared with other photographers, but we can certainly go to public areas.


How long is your Family Session:

You can expect your family session to run around 1 hour. However, my family sessions feel more like PLAY and go quickly. No silly posing or awkward stances…I promise.


How do you come up with themes for each family:

In regard to portrait session themes, I love to tell the story of your family in a creative way that really speaks to who you are when you are in your happy place. Once you book your family session you will receive an email with a few Q’s that help me get to know you and your family. The questions are designed to draw out your love and families interests so I can put that love on display during your session!


When will your session be ready to view and order:

About 1-2 weeks after your session, I will contact you to schedule your in person ordering session.  Once full payment is received your prints and canvases will be ordered; they can take 1-2 weeks for delivery and 2-3 weeks for canvas, books or albums.


When booking a session with Weeping Willow Photography you are agreeing to a model release, in case your session is featured in a magazine or on the internet. You are also agreeing to the images from your session to be used for marketing use.

If you wish not to be featured, that is perfectly fine too. Please notify me prior to you session if you wish for your session NOT to be featured in this way.


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